Meet Puja

a licensed counselor who has spent nearly 35 years on the cutting-edge of emotional integration, trauma healing, and meditation. Her retreats and one-on-one sessions are designed for people who are committed to creating a significant, positive, and lasting change in their lives.

About her Work

“My great passion is to work with people and  encourage them  to clarify, heal and liberate themselves from the restrictive conditioning that compromises their working lives, life purpose, family, relationships, sexuality and spiritual well-being. Teaching this work isn’t a job for me, it’s a way of life. My clients come from all walks of life, and  they are fully  committed to the ongoing process of  personal transformation. Find out how Primal Intensive – Childhood Deconditioning can help you move forward in your life with optimism, courage, peace, vitality, and love.”

I invite you to explore my offerings on healing the Primal Wound through:

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