PRIMAL INTENSIVE – Childhood Deconditioning

A 7-Day Personal Development Seminar for transforming your Life

Discover the truth about your childhood and how it affects your life as an adult and start to free yourself! ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW BEGINNING IN YOUR LIFE?

This highly structured residential program is an invitation for radical transformation providing lasting results. The journey begins in the present and leads you step by step back to your childhood to experience and understand the parental and environmental conditioning you received in the past.It was then that you learned how to relate to others and how to get their love and approval. It was then that you absorbed your parent’s patterns of behavior and formed your values.
Harmful childhood experiences (even those not remembered consciously) can force us to close our hearts in an attempt at self-protection from further pain. There is no such thing as perfect parents. We all have “baggage” from our pasts and we construct walls of emotional scar tissue to close over our unhealed wounds. This protective barrier locks us in and others out and can inhibit our ability to develop close connections with others. The degree of this self-protection is equal to the severity of our perceived wounds.
Whether you aware of it or not, your very sense of self is more strongly influenced by early life conditioning than most of us ever imagine. The negative aspects of this conditioning produce unwanted outcomes and self-defeating behaviors in our adult lives,unless amended and changed by therapeutic intervention. It affects your relationships, career, health and spiritual well- being.
You will be supported to unlock and express deeply held feelings, including anger, pain, shame, resentments, loneliness and heartbreak, the expression of which allows you to break free from unconscious conditioning that block the flow of your vitality in the body. Primal Intensive is a natural process that allows your emotional condition to heal by creating a safe situation for honest feeling expression. Once you release this negative conditioning you will be able to access your untapped resources of power, wisdom and creativity. You will find what your heart longs for, discover who you are and feel a connection, feel life, and feel yourself.


  • Forgiveness and Emotional Healing
  • Being more fluent and skilled in handling your emotions
  • Connection, purpose and greater joy in life
  • Trusting life to bring you what you need
  • Finally, making peace with your past
  • A transformative journey into the core of the self
  • Improved personal relationships with your current family and family    of   origin
  • More enthusiasm for life
  • More effectiveness at work
  • Feeling safe in your own skin and a freedom to be yourself.
  • Relief from anger and depression
  • Forgiveness for self and others & compassion
  • A better understanding of loved ones
  •  Increased self-confidence
  • And much more…


While challenging, this workshop is held in a secure container of presence, love, integrity and great heart.
A variety of methods is used, including emotional/physical exercises, writing assignments, drawing, guided visualization, teaching/group sharing, times of silence, meditations, emotional release/carthasis and scientific trauma release therapy.
The workshop is open for those who desire to connect to the truth and vitality of their inner beings through the challenging, yet immensely rewarding work of processing deep feelings.



After contacting us, we will arrange a pre course Skype call with Puja to establish that Primal Intensive is suitable for you at this point in your life.This is an opportunity to meet your facilitator, and ask any questions you may have. Your place will be confirmed once this call has taken place.  On acceptance you will receive an introduction pack with further information.


During Primal Intensive, Puja and her team of assistants are there to look after you and support you wholeheartedly. While challenging, you will be held in a secure container of presence, love, integrity and great heart.


After the workshop, Puja will be available for additional one-on-one sessions in person at her private practice in Munich/Germany or worldwide via Skype. Pls. check the website for Individual Sessions. You will also receive access to an online community where you can continue to share and connect with other people who have participated in Primal Intensive with Puja.



Dec 4-10, 2017Amsterdam, Holland