A 6- day intensive

Your natural sexuality and life energy has been conditioned and repressed by ideas from or society, religion and surrounding for centuries.

In this workshop, you will look with courage and care at this old conditionings and beliefs that hinders you from connecting with your natural flow of sexuality and life energy. As children, your nature was sensuous. But already then, you had to learn to tense up and control your impulses, to become afraid and embarrassed about them.

As teenage years started, the awakening of sexuality was a great challenge for you. With mostly no guidance, suppressed by the judgments and fears we had inherited about our bodies, we had to manage somehow to deal with our newly awakened energy, our attraction and our excitement. As adults, we keep on being affected by the consequences of our past lack of support. We try as best as we can to enjoy our sexuality, to create intimacy with others, and yet, in our meetings, we keep on experiencing in different degrees a sense of inadequacy and shame, and split between our sexuality and our heart.

This workshop takes you to the core of the beliefs you have about yourself and your body that determine how you relate with others. You will see how the unwanted patterns you took on in your family of origin continue to constrict the flow of your personal relationships and how you’ve attracted your relationships based on your experience of your parents and family. In a secure, intimate and meditative setting, you will heal and transform these feelings at their core to find back the totality of your life energy. You will discover your sexual essence as a man and a woman, relax into it and live love with integrity and freedom.

While challenging, this program is held in a secure container of presence, love, integrity and freedom.
There is no explicit sexual touching, sex or compulsory exercises in the workshop.

Oct 09-13, 2019